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Amazon Product Ads

Sign up as a seller

1. List Your Products on

Customers See Your Products

2. Customers See Your Products

Customers Buy Your Products

3. Customers Buy Your Products

You Deliver Products to Customers

4. You Deliver Products to Customers

Step 1 - Upload Your Product Catalog

When you register for Product Ads we will create an Amazon Seller Central account for you. You can upload your products on Seller Central or via FTP. We create ads for your products using the information provided in your product file. When the product list is uploaded, your ads will go live.

There is no listing fees, monthly subscription or any hidden charges – listing on is free!

Step 2 - Shoppers See Your Ads on

Your ads will be targeted to shoppers searching for similar or related items on

Step 3 - Shoppers Click to Product Pages on Your Website or Contact You

When shoppers click on an ad for your product, they can click-through to the product page on your website, see list of your physical stores or call your customer service number.

Step 4 - Shoppers Purchase Products from You

You control the branding and purchase experience on your website. Shoppers who purchase from you directly become a part of your customer base. Product Ads allows you to reach engaged shoppers on Junglee, acquire new customers, and increase sales.

To register for Amazon Product Ads to advertise on, please Contact Us with your details.

What is
Junglee is an online shopping service by Amazon which enables users to find and discover products from online and offline retailers in India and from Junglee organizes massive selection and multiple buying options from hundreds of sellers, while leveraging Amazon’s proven technology and millions of customer reviews to help customers make smart purchase decisions.
Millions of users can discover over 1.8 crore products and 14,000 brands. Customers can buy products directly from you by visiting your website or your physical store near them. Please Contact Us for more details.
What is Amazon Product Ads?
Product Ads is an advertising program designed to provide customers seamless access to your products from As a seller, you simply upload your catalog and we will then start to display product ads to customers when they shop for your product or related products. Customers who are interested in buying your product can click through to your website, visit your store or call you to purchase the product directly from you.
Why should I use Amazon Product Ads?
  • Reach millions of users.
  • High quality product description pages and rich consumer reviews for products in 20+ categories.
  • Targeted ad placement and leverage world class expertise of Amazon in SEO,SEM.
  • Same technology that drives hundreds of millions of customers to Amazon sites worldwide.
  • How can I register for Amazon Product Ads to advertise on
  • Please Contact Us with your details. We will follow-up with you shortly
How much does it cost?
You list your Product Ads for free on There is no listing fees, subscription fees,cost per click charge CPC or any other hidden charges.
Where will ads be displayed?
Your ads will be displayed on product detail pages and other locations on website. We can use a variety of placements to drive targeted traffic to your products and web site. If you have products which are not currently available on, we will create a new product detail page for you. These products will be available in search, browse and on related product pages. If your products are the same or similar to existing products on, we will display your ads on existing product pages targeting customers who are looking for products like yours.
In what categories can I advertise my products?
You can advertise your products in more than 25 categories that include Mobile Phones, Cameras, Computers, Consumer Electronics, Books, Beauty, Movies, Music, Video Games, Software, Apparel, Shoes, Jewelry, Watches, Baby Products, Toys & Games, Health& Personal Care, Home Improvement, Home appliances, Kitchen appliances, Pet Supplies, Sporting Goods, and Automotive.
What is the conversion rate?
Your conversion rate will differ by product and will be impacted by the quality of the product data you provide, volume of products you list and conversion on your own Web site.
To drive traffic and conversion for your business we recommend listing your full range of products and investing time in providing good product data. You never know which of your products are going to be in demand and good product data helps us optimize the placement of your ads and delivers a good customer experience.
How do customers know they are clicking through to my site?
Amazon makes it clear on your product ads to customers that they are navigating to an external web site.
Can I close or suspend my account?
You can set your Product Ads to “Inactive” at any time from the Account Info page under the Settings tab. On this page you will see your Product Ads Status where you can change it from Active to Inactive and vice versa.
What website will my products appear on?
Product Ads are available on
My business is based outside of India. Can I join the Product Ads program?
We offer product ads for
What are the terms of using the Product Ads Service?
See Amazon Product Ads Agreement
What catalog information will I need to provide to create my Product Ads?
A distinguishing feature of Amazon Product Ads is that you are able to provide customers with detailed product and offer information at no charge. This helps customers make a better buying decision which means we deliver you more qualified customers.
The quality of the information you provide about your products will impact your return on investment and Amazon’s ability to best target your ads.
To create your ads you will need to provide information about category, product title, SKU, URL, Image, Product price, shipping cost, unique product ID like UPC and product description.
How do I create my ads on
You can create a new product file, from our Product Ads file template, or modify an existing product file. A product file can be uploaded to Seller Central manually or, for frequent updates or files of size larger than 10 MB, via FTP.
Can I add keywords to my ads?
Yes, you can add up to five keywords for each product. We suggest using words or phrases that best describe the product. This will help find your product ad and display it in customer searches on our Web site. Please note that there is a 50-character limit on a single keyword. We will determine where your ads appear based on what is most relevant to customers.
How many listings can I create on Is there a minimum or maximum limit?
There is no minimum or maximum limit on the number of listings that you can create.
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